Cold Dogs To-Go

Get a “SIX PACK” of dogs: six sausages, and six buns, for just ...$14.00!*


Pre-packaged in bulk quantities for even le$$…

Cook them yourself..!?

Come into any of our shops and buy your hot dogs as cold dogs to go!! If you call in advance we can have them ready for pickup. Choose from the same quality varieties we sell cooked, a great idea for your next party, BBQ or an easy meal at home.

Can't make it to the store, we mailorder! Don't want to cook, get us to do it. Check out our catering services.

Sealed Package Description Approx Weight Avg # Units Price
buns Seasame seeded French 10oz 6 $2.75
top dog all beef - kosher style 5 lb 30 $45.00
Garlic (German) Frank 3/4 beef, 1/4 pork, fresh garlic 5 lb 25 $34.00
Bockwurst 1/2 pork, 1/2 veal, milk, eggs — no preservatives 5 lb 25 $36.00
Kielbasa 2/3 pork, 1/3 beef — hearty 5 lb 25 $36.00
Calabrese all pork, paprika, chili, fennel — semi-hot 5 lb 25 $36.00
Hot Link all beef, four kinds of pepper — h-h-hottt 2.5 lb 12 $19.00
Cooked Bratwurst all pork, marjoram — genuine old world taste 3.75 lb 15 $26.00
Lemon Chicken Chicken, fresh lemon & garlic — low salt, low fat, no preservatives 5 lb 25 $51.00
Chicken Apple Chicken, juicy bits of apple — low salt 5 lb 25 $35.00
Mango Jalapeño Chicken, mango, jalapeño 12 oz. 4 $8.00
the Wienie Wheat gluten, bell peppers, fennel, garlic, onion, eggplant - wow! 1.5 lb 8 $12.00
Potato Salad Will's Picnic Potato Salad 10 lb 25 $32.00
Condiments 8 oz. 1 gallon
SAUERKRAUT $1.00 $9.00
SWEET RELISH $1.00 $9.00
DICED ONIONS $1.00 $15.00 (5lb. bag)
* Cooked Bratwurst 50 cents more for each dog in a six pack.



top dog grew out of a boy's love of sausage, a staple in his German immigrants' New York home over the WWII years. Steaks? Tubesteaks! His paper route to a well-mixed neighborhood assured that Italian, Polish, even Hungarian sausages were soon no strangers to that developing appetite and palate. Nor had he far to go to a cart or stand offering kosher style "Franks", usually steeped but better off the griddle.

Goodness! With kraut n' mustard, please. Raw onions, ketchup (not "catsup") and mayo were unheard of on hot dogs. Burgers maybe ... oh, but that was far away and another day ...more