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Mail Order

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* Note that buns are expensive in particular because of the volume they occupy in air shipments.
* We ship by fed-ex two day air Mon-Wed for Wed- Fri delivery.
* You tell us where and when you want the dogs to be shipped. We ship for Wed-Fri delivery. We will confirm by e-mail or phone the tracking number and delivery date. Note also that someone has to be on the other end to sign for the package. Therefore, business addresses work better as shipping addresses.
* There is a $150.00 USD minimum. We will bill you by email or you can send a check to "top dog, 2534 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704".

FOOD ITEMS Avg. Pkg Weight Avg. Pieces per Pkg Price Per Package ZipCodes 88900-99499 Price Per Package ZipCodes 71000-88899 Price Per Package ZipCodes 00400-70999 # pkgs desired Extended Total
OUR FRANKFURTER (All beef kosher style from Chicago) 10 lbs. 70 $120.00 $130.00 $138.00   $
GARLIC FRANKFURTER (3/4 beef, 1/4 pork, fresh garlic) 5 lbs. 25 $53.00 $57.00 $61.00   $
KIELBASA (2/3 pork, 1/3 beef, hearty) 5 lbs. 25 $54.00 $58.00 $62.00   $
BOCKWURST (1/2 pork, 1/2 veal, milk, eggs, no preservatives) 5 lbs. 25 $54.00 $58.00 $62.00   $
LEMON CHICKEN (chicken, fresh lemon & garlic, low salt, low fat, no preservatives) 5 lbs. 25 $58.00 $62.00 $66.00   $
HOT LINK (all beef, four kinds of pepper, h-h-hott) 2.5 lbs. 12 $38.00 $40.00 $43.00   $
COOKED BRATWURST (pork and beef, garlic, genuine old world taste) 5 lbs. 20 $54.00 $58.00 $62.00   $
SMOKED CHICKEN APPLE (chicken, juicy bits of apple, low salt) 5 lbs. 25 $59.00 $63.00 $66.00   $
CALABRESE (all pork, paprika, chili, fennel, semi-hot) 5 lbs. 25 $57.00 $61.00 $64.00   $
THE WIENIE (Veggie) 1.5 lb. 10 $14.00 $15.00 $17.00   $
BUNS * 1 lb. 6 $7.00 $8.00 $9.00   $
* The high price of buns is due to the Fed-Ex air freight pricing formula, which calculates cost based on both the volume of the package and its actual weight.         Shipment Total
(Minimum for order with perishables - $150)
top dog Quality Merchandise Size Color Numbers and Sizes desired Price per Item Extended Total
T-SHIRTS - td logo front/ "BERKELEY" stylized map back Kids/Adults XS-XXL Navy   $30.00 first, $20 for each additional shirt up to 6. $
CAPS - embroidered with golden top dog logo one size fits all navy only   $30.00 first, $20 for each additional cap up to 6. $
"Road to Success" Poster 18"X21" N/A   $25.00 for the first, $8 for each additional poster up to 6. $
Mural Poster 11"x25" N/A   $25.00 for the first, $5 for each additional poster up to 6. $
        TOTAL $

top dog grew out of a boy's love of sausage, a staple in his German immigrants' New York home over the WWII years. Steaks? Tubesteaks! His paper route to a well-mixed neighborhood assured that Italian, Polish, even Hungarian sausages were soon no strangers to that developing appetite and palate. Nor had he far to go to a cart or stand offering kosher style "Franks", usually steeped but better off the griddle.

Goodness! With kraut n' mustard, please. Raw onions, ketchup (not "catsup") and mayo were unheard of on hot dogs. Burgers maybe ... oh, but that was far away and another day ...more